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collapse, climate emergency?

Is it hard or impossible to find anyone to talk to about your thoughts, concerns and worries about collapse?

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You are one of the few who has faced reality and understands the science. Global economic collapse is coming soon and hot on its heels is the collapse of our ecosystem due to unstoppable climate change. Mass extinction will include us humans.

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Message from Anne:

About Anne

I am a great listener, practical, compassionate and nonjudgmental. I run two businesses that are stable, and I want to give back and help anyone who may be needing to talk.

To give you a little background, I was an environmental activist when I was still in the single digits (over 50 years ago). As a teenager I read books by Ehrlich, Schumacher, and similar and volunteered for a citizen action group on anti-nuclear issues. In my teens and twenties, I became more politically conscious. My B.A. is in Social Change. I was very interested in alternative energy in the ’70s and ’80s.

In about 2012 I read Ruppert’s Confronting Collapse and went down the rabbit hole. I read widely and learned about our debt-based economic system aka Ponzi scheme. I got caught up on the state of environmental degradation and our unstoppable climate change trajectory.

I have been a self-employed, professional life and business coach for over 18 years.

Earlier in my life I was a hospice volunteer. I have read a lot of books on grief and grieving and try to apply these insights to help myself and those I connect with in facing our global situation.

What People Are Saying...

“I took the opportunity to have a chat with Anne because I am on my own in this. When you understand NTHE you go through a kind of metamorphosis that leaves you isolated from everyone else. All those thoughts in your head and no one to share them with! All those questions you long to discuss with someone but there isn’t anyone who speaks the same language and social media is so two dimensional! I ran over time even though I was trying hard not to! Thanks Anne!” – Helen, Tasmania

"Anne's empathy and analytical skills help me in times of distress. She has helped me to see clearly and make good strategic decisions in these challenging times" - Rick, Richmond, VA

“I really appreciate being able to talk with someone about the reality most folks aren't aware of. It is especially helpful as it feels like Anne cares about who she is talking to! Thank you, Anne!” – Bettejo, Florida

"Anne is an excellent person to talk to if you're collapse-aware and looking for someone who can understand and listen. There wasn't a script or strict objectives and I appreciated the opportunity to simply speak my mind and let the conversation flow. She's well read on systemic issues and the reality of our predicaments, so she can likely point you in the right direction, whatever stage of awareness you're at." - Mike Rezl

“I had a wonderful conversation with Anne last night. We were able to discuss a multitude of topics that others are unable to even consider. It was very refreshing!! Anne is very easy to talk to and is a wonderful listener.” – Chris, West Virginia

“I had a great conversation with Anne. She’s a wonderful listener and has clearly been studying the subject of NTHE / collapse for a very long time now. It’s really great to be able to talk with someone who not only gets it, but clearly has many years of getting it behind her. There’s no need to sugar coat or hold back, basically anything I brought up regarding the subject she’d already reflected on, and could offer really interesting insight into. She’s sharp as a tack, full of good humor and compassion. Highly recommended!” - Ten

Catherine Ingram

“What we now need is courage and acceptance.”
-Catherine Ingram, Living in the Time of Dying documentary

Carl Jung

“Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.”- Carl Jung

Carl Sagan

“It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” – Carl Sagan

“Extinction is the rule.” – Carl Sagan


“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses.” – Plato

Richard Dawkins

“In the teeth of stupefying odds, it is you and I that are privileged to be here, privileged with eyes to see where we are and brains to wonder why.” – Richard Dawkins

“Awakening in our time is to awaken with a sob.” - Stephen Jenkinson